Welcome to Netkonsult!


We are a group of independent consultants committed to renewable energy.

All over the world, countries are confronted with the need to reduce exposure to steadily increasing energy prices and greenhouse gas emissions, and to improve their energy security.

Users, independent project developers and partners are assisted by us with a wide range of opportunities in the renewable energy sector meeting their demand for a reliable and Eco friendly energy according to their ambitions to reduce emissions.

We work with customers to address the renewable energy issues of today and anticipate those of tomorrow.

Our experience spans over more than 15 years and includes, a wide range of green energy technologies such as the use biomass for production of biogas, energy from household, agricultural and industrial waste as well as hydro and solar energy.

With our in-depth understanding of renewable energy technology and its applications, our significant experience, we are helping our customers and partners to meet the challenges and gather the opportunities presented by the developing renewable energy market.

We understand your needs and your challenges and we are by your side wherever you are in this Nature friendly endeavor to create a better world by means of Green Energy!